[Explicit] The Loophole by WaylandSmithee Reviews: 19


Radiohead's Loophole competition brings together a disparate group of fans online, to form a close community, united by friendship, relationships, sex, bands, collaborations and connections both musical and personal - mostly with each other, but also sometimes with Radiohead themselves.

In Chapter 43, Lucy must choose between what she wants, and what she knows Thom needs, even if he can't admit it to himself. And in Chapter 44, everyone finally gets the happy endings they deserve.

As this story is drawing to its conclusion, I've set up a comment thread if anyone wants to ask any questions or leave any feedback on the LJ:

This is primarily a story about fandom, and internet communities. Although Radiohead do appear throughout the story, the main focus of the story, and the main characters are all fans. At least, until towards the end, when Radiohead go on tour, and real life and internet fandom collide head on.

Warnings: Lots of artistic license has been taken with the timelines of certain musical events. Most of the action takes place in cyberspace, so there is lots of bad language, flaming, trolling and internet bullying, including sexist, homophobic and racist language. Also: MAY CONTAIN DUBSTEP.

Characters: Jonny, Other, Thom Genres: Drama
Pairings: Other
Warnings/Promises: Drug Use, Real Family
Category: Other Fanfiction, Meta, Radiohead Het; Series: None Chapters: 44 Table of Contents; Completed: Yes; Word count: 205995; Read count: 7003
Published: 10 Jun 2012; Updated: 14 Dec 2012

[Explicit] Popcorn SuperGay Receiver by WaylandSmithee Reviews: 10


Jonny Greenwood Is The Controller after he takes control of the malfunctioning Cheesecake Archive, then Three Characters Go In Search Of An Author Self-Insert. And if you're still reading, you finally find out what the hell been going on.

Thanks to Twisted Words for the image meme.

Thank you so much to Kinchi23 for allowing me to use her character, Gwen, and the world of her story, Hearing Damaged. Borrowed with humour, and huge amounts of love.

Inspired by a prompt suggested by nononono11 so blame / thank her for the concept: Thom and Jonny joking around about Thonny with a fangirl leads to... actual Thonny!


Characters: Jonny, Other, Thom Genres: First Time, Fluff, LOLZ, Smut
Pairings: Thonny
Warnings/Promises: Dubcon
Category: Meta, Radiohead slash; Series: None Chapters: 11 Table of Contents; Completed: Yes; Word count: 38461; Read count: 3360
Published: 25 Mar 2012; Updated: 22 Apr 2012

[Everybody] Lesbian Cops & Latent Homoeroticism by heragain Reviews: 2


Through the example of fanfiction, I will contend that by inhabiting a hegemonic structure to create media, one seizes the opportunity to subvert, deconstruct, and produce new ways of thinking about that structure. 

Characters: None Genres: None
Pairings: None
Warnings/Promises: None
Category: Meta; Series: None Chapters: 1 Table of Contents; Completed: No; Word count: 1401; Read count: 58
Published: 16 Mar 2010; Updated: 16 Mar 2010