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Forsaken Heaven To Bring You My Love by ringaroundtherosie Explicit

Thom watched Jonny intently as he played the organ while the choir sang. He used to play every Sunday in this same church up until he left for college, or rather, left for the band.


Which era Thom?

Shaggy baby blonde Thom
Shaggy baby blonde Thom 16%
Schoolboy red-headed Thom
Schoolboy red-headed Thom 45%
Moody black-haired paranoia Thom
Moody black-haired paranoia Thom 8%
Art-mullet new millennium Thom
Art-mullet new millennium Thom 4%
Shaggy daddy-belly goggle-wearing Thom
Shaggy daddy-belly goggle-wearing Thom 19%
Willie Nelson hybrid Thom
Willie Nelson hybrid Thom 4%

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