Submission Rules



Submission Rules

  1. The Thom Yorke and Cheesecake Archive's primary mission is to host Radiohead slash. We also host original fiction, other fanfiction, and nonfiction written by cheesecake authors. We aim to be a hub for all of our cakey community's literary endeavors.
  2. Submissions are moderated by the site admins. If these guidelines are ignored, your story will not be accepted. The decision to host or not host any particular content is up to our discretion.

Ratings, Warnings/Promises, Genres, Pairings, Categories & Characters

  1. All stories require a rating. The ratings used on this archive are Everybody, Adult, and Explicit. Use your best judgment. A story with any sexual content should be rated at least Adult.
  2. Warnings/Promises are just that. Choose all applicable warnings, and let us know if we're missing something.
  3. Place your story in the correct category/subcategory. You can choose between Cheesecake (subcategories: Radiohead Slash, Schoolboy Radiohead, Alternate Universe/Alternate Reality, and Crossover), Other Fanfiction, Original Fiction, or Meta. You may choose more than one category if appropriate. Note: The Crossover subcategory refers to stories in which Radiohead interact with other established fictional characters; i.e. Doctor Who or Buffy, or with real world characters whom they would not normally interact with. Stories that include characters like Stipey and Beck are not crossovers.
  4. Choose all applicable genres and pairings. Not all stories fall into the listed genres; that's fine. If you think we're missing one that ought to be there, let us know.
  5. When choosing characters, select only those who are the focus of the story. Don't character bomb! If all we hear of Thom is that he's outside building a yurt with Stanley while all the action is happening with Ed and Colin, then for the purposes of character listing Thom and Stanley aren't there.

Chapters & Series

  1. Stories with multiple chapters should be archived as such and never as separate stories.  Upload the first chapter of your story, then go to Manage Stories in your account to add additional chapters. If you have trouble with this, please contact the site administrator or ask a friend to help you.
  2. To create a series, you need to first add a series listing and then add previously uploaded stories to it.

Summaries, Story Notes, Chapter Notes & End Notes

  1. Keep summaries to one paragraph, without extra spacing, and keep them on topic.
  2. Story notes, chapter notes, and end notes should go in the appropriate boxes. Nothing but the story text itself should be in the story box.
  3. You may upload images to augment your story. Images should be placed in the story or chapter notes boxes, not within the story text.

Spelling, Grammar, Word Usage & Readability

  1. Correct grammar and spelling are expected of all stories submitted to this site.  Site administrators reserve the right to request corrections in submissions with a multitude of grammar and/or spelling errors.  If such a request is ignored, the story will be deleted.
  2. Stories must be formatted for readability! This means they must be spaced appropriately and broken up into reasonable paragraphs. Use correct capitalization and don't overuse bold, italics, underlining, or excessive punctuation!!!@!

A Note About RPS

  1. This archive hosts stories about characters based on the public personas of real people. We make no claim to the accuracy of any statements made in our stories; in fact we expect them to be, on the whole, wildly inaccurate as they are utterly fictional.  By submitting stories to this archive, you are acknowledging the fictional nature of your work and affirming your respect for the difference between fantasy and reality.
  2. If any stories or other content are determined by the administrators of this site to have crossed the line into infringement of the lives of real people, we reserve the right to request changes or remove the content entirely.

Submissions found to be in violation of these rules may be removed and the author's account suspended at the discretion of the site administrators and/or moderators.  The site administrators reserve the right to modify these rules as needed.